Android Training

Android Training in Rajkot

Android Training in Rajkot

Android, the open source operating system for mobile devices from Google, is the most exciting technology at present. Anyone who has anything to do with the world of computing knows how important Android has become in present times. It is a technology that is helping thousands of students to get absorbed in the industry. There are also many who are getting a head start in their careers after completing a training course in Android. Though open source, Android is a technology that is powering millions of mobile phones and other devices around the world. There is a huge demand for Android application developers in IT industry and Vedansh Infoway Pvt. Ltd. is playing its part by providing world class Android Training in Rajkot to students. We provide not only subject knowledge but also hands on experience through our Android developer training in Rajkot.

Android Training in Rajkot carried out by Vedansh Infoway Pvt. Ltd. is fulfilling the demand for skilled Android developers in IT industry. We have a team of very experienced trainers well versed in every aspect of Android platform. They impart intensive knowledge of Android applications development to students besides honing their software development skills. Our Android app development training in Rajkot is such that students are able to develop Android apps on their own after the completion of the training course. Students who have undergone Android developer training in Rajkot from Vedansh Infoway are today serving their companies in high positions and enjoying advancement in their careers.

What makes our Android application development training in Rajkot superior

  • Android training in Rajkot through leading experts
  • Full assistance to successful candidates in getting jobs
  • Practicals and assignments all through the course
  • Live projects to help students gain hands on experiences

Our Android development training in Rajkot is extremely popular among students. This is because the course has been designed to help them gain subject knowledge in a easy and interesting manner. For the convenience of the students, the entire Android app development training in Rajkot has been divided into 5 modules.

  • Module 1 deals with the fundamentals of Android as a platform and technology
  • Module 2 teaches core Java to students
  • Module 3 explains the concepts of Android
  • Module 4 teaches SQL database
  • Module 5 teaches advance Android to students

The training course teaching Android to students in Rajkot is not only comprehensive but also complete in the sense that that it includes live projects for the students. This is done deliberately to make sure that they are able to put into practice what they have learnt in the classrooms. We arrange live projects for students through our collaborations in the industry. This gives them invaluable hands on experience that serves them well in their careers. It is this feature that makes android developer training in Rajkot very popular among students.

Android has certainly changed the world and now it is time for you to change yours with the help of mobile application development training in Rajkot from Vedansh Infoway Pvt. Ltd.