PHP Training

PHP Training in Rajkot

PHP Training in Rajkot

PHP is a programming language that has become very popular these days as a web development tool. In a short period of time (PHP was introduced in 1995), the demand for PHP programmers has greatly increased. One can gauge the popularity of this versatile programming language by the fact that there are nearly 240 million websites on World Wide Web based upon PHP. A certification in PHP programming gives you an edge over other candidates as it is being used in almost every project these days. There are many institutes conducting training courses in PHP but PHP Training in Rajkot provided by Vedansh Infoway Pvt. Ltd. are considered one of the best in business. Our certifications have industry recognition and students obtaining their PHP proficiency certifications from us find their careers moving forward in leaps and bounds.

PHP training in Gujarat from Vedansh Infoway gives a head start to your career. The company makes sure that you gain knowledge and proficiency in this versatile web development tool. You will learn how to apply PHP in different working environments such as WordPress and Magento. You will be surprised to find that you are able to design apps for Android platform after completing our PHP course. The company also helps in job placement for successful candidates.

What makes PHP training classes in Gujarat from Vedansh Infoway different and better for you

  • You receive PHP Training in Rajkot from trainers having great experience in PHP
  • We provide full assistance to successful candidates in landing decent jobs
  • Live projects to help students gain on the job experience
  • Assignments given to students to test their knowledge of PHP

PHP project training in Rajkot provided by Vedansh Infoway is divided into 10 modules to make it easier for the students to understand different concepts.

  • Module 1 is all about the fundamentals of PHP. The subject knowledge is presented in interesting manner to allow students to learn it easily.
  • Module 2 teaches the concepts of HTML, the most basic programming language that is used for coding pages of websites
  • Module 3 is all about CSS. It is Cascading Style Sheets that enables students to learn how HTML elements are to be displayed on the webpage.
  • Module 4 explains core PHP to the students. This is the most important module as it gives clear understanding of PHP usage to students.
  • Module 5 is for Database Management System. This is the practical tool that allows a web developer to store, manage, and retrieve information from the website. He also learns how to modify content inside a website with the help of DBMS.
  • Module 6 teaches PHP object oriented and advance PHP. It teaches students how to keep their codes flexible so that once defined, they can be used many times at different places.
  • Module 7 is meant for WordPress Content Management System.
  • Module 8 is reserved for Codeigniter MVC Framework.
  • Module 9 is meant for Magento.
  • Module 10 is reserved for Symfony.

We understand that PHP training classes in Rajkot is incomplete if it is without live projects. This is why our PHP Training in Rajkot is linked with live projects to enable students to gain firsthand experience of using PHP in real world.