Training Courses- Technical

Technical Training Courses

Technical training courses in RajkotVedansh Infoway is an IT training company and not merely an institute. We provide world class training facilities to students desirous of making their mark as professionals in the world of IT. Our training has become extremely popular among students not just in Rajkot but all over Gujarat and also rest of India. This is because we provide training to students not just to distribute certifications but to develop their skills to be ready for challenging jobs in IT industry. Our courses are meant for students who want to add different IT skills to their portfolio so as to start their careers in IT industry.

There are both technical as well as non-technical programs for which training is provided by Vedansh Infoway to students.

Technical training courses

  • Android
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • PHP

Brief description of technical training courses


Android is the most talked about technology in present times. Used in most of the smartphones and other mobile devices, learning skills in this open source platform allows students to become absorbed in leading IT companies across India. We have a large team of experienced trainers who not only provide deep knowledge about this amazing operating system to the students but also teach them how to develop Android applications for businesses.


PHP is a very popular programming platform being used by web developers across the world because of its versatility and efficacy. Our training in PHP is designed to turn students into PHP experts so that they easily get absorbed in the IT industry. There is a great demand of PHP experts in IT industry and our course prepares students to fulfill this requirement of the industry.


Developed by Sun Microsystems, Java is one programming language that always remains in demand. Every computer has Java loaded on to it and it is one language that is essential to run web pages and all the associated flash media. Our Java training prepares experts that are in high demand in IT industry. We make sure that our students get not only practicals and assignments all through this training but also hands on experience in the form of live projects.


ASP.NET is the latest version of .NET platform developed by Microsoft to work seamlessly with all Windows technologies. It is so versatile and easy to work with the platform that is being used to make highly functional and smooth websites by developers. We provide the current and most relevant technologies in ASP.NET to students so that they remain up to date and can easily handle ASP.NET related projects in their companies.


C and C++ need no introduction to anyone having to do with anything with computers. These are universal programming languages that are used by all developers and programmers. Our training in these languages is designed to allow students to grasp the nuances of these languages and to make them proficient so that they can write complex programs using them.